Welcome to the Bouloo Baby Boutique

No experience quite compares with bringing forth and nourishing a new life.

It’s a magical, life-changing journey, one that’s filled with equal parts joy and pain, laughter and tears, and more sleepless than restful nights.

At Bouloo, we understand the changes you are going through, and we want to be a part of your journey! 

Our goal is to be a part in assisting you through this journey by offering you products that will help you to not only take better care for your child but also yourself.  

From baby strollers, baby cots, maternity wear, to baby car seats, we sell top-of-the-line products that will make your day-to-day life easier and less complicated. 

We are committed to bringing you practical, and functional products that you will use for years to come.

We are so excited to become a part of your parenting journey.

Bouloo represents quality and elegance without compromising on practicality.

We offer nationwide delivery, easy returns and great customer service.

Shop online with Bouloo today! 🙂


For Babies

Newborns and toddlers require special care, and our products will help you keep them safe and healthy at home and outdoors.

We have baby cots to provide them with high-quality sleep and baby high chairs to make solid feeding a lot easier for you both.

We also have baby carriers, baby car seats, and baby strollers – all compliant with strict safety standards and made with long-lasting materials.

For the Family

We believe that family bonding time is paramount for a growing baby and the parents.

We don’t want you to think about all the things you can’t do now that you are parents but we want you to look forward to all the new adventures you can embark on as a family.

Bouloo cares about families and we want to help make life a little less complicated and a little more fun by providing functional indoor and outdoor baby products that are conducive to a baby’s overall growth and at the same time help the whole family thrive.

Happy moms, happy babies! We strongly believe that the more you glow, the better the baby inside you grows.

We understand the magnitude of changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy and we believe it should be a cause for celebration, not embarrassment.

Our collection of fashionable and comfortable maternity wears including dresses, pants, and shapewear that will keep you relaxed and confident throughout your pregnancy and even beyond pregnancy.

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